Oh, My Heart Wood…

Oh, My Heart Wood…

A few months ago, I got some heart wood remnants from my dad’s shop. (Yay for having a crafty-Dad!) and I’ve been working on creating jewelry pieces out of them.  These below and a few others are all on Atla’s Etsy page.  They are all cut, shaped, and sanded by hand. They are finished with a couple coats of poly only, no stain because the color and grain on these pieces is gorgeous all by itself.  As Bey would say; “dey woke up like dis”.

heartwood and triangle pendant 2    heartwood and triangle pendant

I added a rose-gold colored metal piece to this one and it hangs on a long antique brass chain.

heartwood and turquoise 2    heartwood and turquoise

This beauty is joined by a howlite turquoise square bead and hangs on a weathered leather cord.

wood and stainless 2   wood and stainless 3

This little guy was a bit lighter in color, so I thought the stainless accessories complimented it nicely.

heartwood long pendant 2    heartwood only pendant

The grain and color on these two was so pretty, they didn’t get any additional treatment.  You might say they stayed “single ladies“…  (See what I did there?  Yep, full circle to close with another Bey reference. I don’t just make things with my hands, folks!)


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