Learning Oxidation (and patience)

Learning Oxidation (and patience)

I am not, by nature, a patient person.  I really like instant gratification…  a lot.  This is a tough personality trait to compensate for when you are an artist.  Often-times I find myself starting something and stressing myself out because I want the finished product immediately and I will work on a piece, obsess over it, and worry about it non-stop until it’s done.  Or worse, I will hurry through it paying less attention to details than I should.

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been playing around with a new technique of oxidizing (mostly copper) metallic paints and applying this treatment to leather accessories. I love it.  It is yummy and beautiful and it thrills me to the core.  And… it FORCES me to be patient.  The way the process works, I’m forced to step away from the project for a while to let the oxidation happen and it gives me the opportunity to come back to it with a fresh eye. Plus it’s such a many-step process and really has to be prepped and planned for well, I have no choice but to slow down and enjoy the process.  It’s been a great lesson for me, on many levels!  ~J





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