Bust Out The Shades!

Bust Out The Shades!

Bust out the shades because summer is here!

I recently came into some bright neon leather scraps.  Since I generally gravitate towards natural and neutral colors, having this leather as a supply has pushed me to design new things, and holy crap I love it!  The juxtaposition of the warm cognac leather against these summer brights is just so much fun!  And perfect timing; I was able to put a few things from this “brights collection” in the inventory for our very first summer show starting tomorrow… July 8th – 10th at SouthSide Works Exposed with the I Made It! Market.

Hope to see you there.  Don’t forget your shades!  ~J

IMG_20160706_122557 IMG_20160706_105232 IMG_20160705_173341





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